Who are you and what can you offer me?

We are nationwide specialists in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Logistics, Production Planning, Inventory Management, Warehousing Distribution, and related systems areas. In other words, if it relates to Supply Chain Management or logistics, we do it.

Who pays for your service?

All of our fees are paid by our client companies. There is no set of circumstances, conditions, or trap doors or anything else where a candidate would ever owe us money. You should avoid all firms that ask for money for any reason or ask you to sign guarantee forms that you would stay at any position for any length of time.

Why doesn't your website list all of your open positions?

Since we are nationwide specialists in Supply Chain Management we would rather know where you want to go in your career, not whether you fit a three-line blurb on our website. We can be most effective on your behalf if we know and understand your experience and what you would like to see as your next step in your career.

Will my resume float through cyberspace?

The answer is simple, No! We will always discuss opportunities with you so that you will always know where your resume is going, why it is going there, and that it is something that will make sense for your career and your family. Our mission is to help you find a new job, not help you lose the one you have, so it is important that you know where your resume is going.

What should I do if I want broad exposure for my resume and credentials?

We are affiliated with a national network of more than 250 other recruitment firms and we can publish your resume, your credentials, and your wish list into this network. This is a proprietary network and can be accessed only by our affiliate firms. Please advise us if you want to avail yourself of this free service.

What's a bialy?

It is a flat, crusty roll with pieces of onion in a round depression. Although originally from Poland, it is a very New York thing. Although this doesn't really belong on our website, we just wanted to tell the world.

What's the best way to contact JP Canon Associates?

We welcome inquiries in all manners and forms: telephone (888-233-3131), e-mail (mailbox@jpcanon.com), snail mail (26 Court Street, Suite 704, Brooklyn, NY 10007), and via the candidate form on our website. We are regularly available to accept your phone calls with any career or job change questions.